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Yeah TAB was in the news with a local event in Davenport, IA. Working on spreading the word!

TAB in the news!!!

Other News:

Toward Building Loyalty and High Morale-New

Bullying To Take Spotlight At Comic-Con-New

Uniform Bullying Laws Needed-New

Bullying Harm Akin to Sexual Abuse-New

Unfortunatly, Not all news that we get is good news. In fairness I have to post the bad as well as the good. Here is a low point...

Bullied Boy Dies In Hospital - New (I take no pleasure in posting this, and our prayes are with the family.)

Bullying Attack Leaves Boy In Coma  (This is exactly why we need to stop bullying)

Bully Bashers headed to Heritage Hills Middle School 

Hinsdale high school students identify with ‘Bully’ movie  

Royal Oak school putting parents on bully patrol  (More schools need to do this)

Lee Hirsch - Bully To Receive 2013 Stanley Kramer Award

Johnston investigates bully allegations 

Father Forces Suspended Daughter To Protest Against Bullying

Anti-bully laws may get more punch from legislators; but who will pay for it? 

Fifth-Grader Authors Bully Book 

School Shootings, the Bully Society (Just a little info about a book on bullying & school shootings.)

Bullied Teen Protected By High School Football Team!  (This one warms the heart to see somethign so positive!)

Texas father pickets school over son’s alleged bullying  (GO DAD! There needs to be more parents like this)

Students Fight Bullying In School Workshop

Ten Celebrities Who Took A Stand Against Bullying

NJ Schools Report 12,000 Bullying Instances

Boy Scount Denied Eagle Award After Coming Out (Service Project was an Anit Bulyying Project)

Celebs Who Were Bullied As Kids

Google tilt to Star Trek Original Series & its role in Civil Rights

School looks to program to put an end to bullying

Auto Shop Fixed Bullied Teen's Car (Awesome By The Way)

Back To School: What You Need To Know